Semester: Spring 2012


Cardborigami’s mission is to provide temporary, transitional shelter and connections to social services to help get people off the streets. CTW consultants helped Cardborigami with developing a functional business plan, which will enable the company to begin production, distribution, and marketing of its shelters with a goal of creating an effective organizational strategy and a sustainable business model. CTW consultants: Ron Baker, Jarrod Fenstermacher, Arun Gopalan


Semester: Spring 2012


Evacuteer recruits, trains, and manages evacuation volunteers (evacuteers) who assist with New Orleans’ public evacuation option called the City Assisted Evacuation Plan (CAEP). CTW consultants helped Evacuteer with an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the current model of the organization, its operation and funding areas. The consultants also performed a roadmap analysis to identify options for a future roadmap for the organization while focusing on a sustainable funding mechanism. CTW consultants: Jose Mendez, Santhosh George


Semester: Spring 2012


The Ivymount School is a certified special education school for students aged 4-21. Service Corps consultants supported Ivymount’s Pathways to Independence program, which enables individuals with developmental disabilities run their own businesses in a partnership model. The consultants developed a strategic plan for one such business, exploring products, pricing, and license requirements for creating a retail outlet at the Montgomery Mall. Consultants: Juan Bonifacino, Michelle Lee, Tara McCarron


Semester: Spring 2012


Kettle Kinship works to create a sustainable program designed for the healthy development of youth will have lasting impact on the schools, organizations, churches, businesses, and communities of Pine County. CTW consultants helped Kettle Kinship with researching additional revenue-generating options for: legal requirements and steps involved, costs for set-up and ongoing operational costs, time line for implementation, time needed for set up, time commitment needed to maintain the funding stream once it is operational, and projecting potential revenue. CTW consultants: Augustine Adedeji, David Kopita


Semester: Spring 2012


Pratham is a non-profit organization focused on improving the literacy rate in India. CTW consultants helped Pratham to enhance it’s objectives of donor engagement and fundraising by strategically leveraging available social media solutions in form of a social media strategy. CTW consultants: Ian Cruze, Bethel Samuel


Semester: Spring 2012


The Autism Society of Indiana (ASI) provides a range of support services to people in the state who are affected by autism, including those with the disability along with their families and caregivers. Currently, the nonprofit relies heavily on state contracts for the majority of its funding, making the organization highly vulnerable to budget politics. As such, ASI has asked SEED’s help to identify and develop diverse funding sources to protect itself from the possibility of losing state funding and to allow the organization to grow its impact.


Semester: Spring 2012


The Incentive Mentoring Program uses a “family-style” approach to foster the transformation of both underperforming high school students and university-based volunteers into self-motivated, resourceful, and socially aware leaders committed to a higher purpose of their own. CTW consultants helped The Incentive Mentoring Program with understanding the critical symbolic and instrumental levers that they can incorporate and best model, teach, and embed them with staff and volunteer leaders, as well as maintain and nurture the culture through rigorous management. CTW consultants: Antonia Blair, Paul Auster, Megan Katz, Albert Wavering.


Semester: Spring 2012


The mission of the National Consumers League is to protect and promote social and economic justice for consumers and workers in the United States and abroad. The National Consumers League is a private, nonprofit advocacy group representing consumers on marketplace and workplace issues. We are the nation’s oldest consumer organization. NCL provides government, businesses, and other organizations with the consumer’s perspective on concerns including child labor, privacy, food safety, and medication information. NCL’s Lifesmarts consumer education program model is not producing growth, so NCL is looking to gain information to help us strengthen what works about our current program and begin to build a new model as needed. The SEED team would provide an environmental scan (SWOT analysis), identify trends in education and how other competition-based programs operate in these times. The SEED team would develop a new strategic plan for the organizational growth. SEED team members will have the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia to deliver a 90-minute strategic planning session for about 30 of NCL’s participants, state coordinators, and financial sponsors.


Semester: Spring 2012


The National Utilities Diversity Council (NUDC) promotes diversity in the utilities industry in the areas of governance, employment, procurement, language access/customer service, and philanthropy. As a young organization, the NUDC has asked SEED to help design and craft a three-year strategic plan that will help us chart our goals for the significant program, governance and fundraising scale-up we wish to accomplish


Semester: Spring 2012


Native American Children’s Alliance is committed to improving the response to Native American and Alaskan Native child victims of maltreatment and their families. The organization works to provide native children and their families the same access to child advocacy centers and multidisciplinary teams that non natives enjoy in this country. The Board and staff need to develop a new strategic action plan that will guide the organization for the next 2-3 years with the goal of increasing its national presence and start developing an international presence in working toward the rights of indigenous children globally. NACA needs a flexible and creative SEED team to develop a strategic plan for program expansion.


Semester: Spring 2012


New Hope Children’s Clinic is a non-profit school-based health clinic that provides affordable healthcare to the underserved population of Southeastern Madison County. NHCC provides critical services without concern for students’ ability to pay, a service that some students might otherwise not have. NHCC recently received grant money to expand its services beyond acute and chronic medical care to vision and dental services, as well as some patient programs in the areas of asthma and obesity/nutritional management. The clinic also needs to double in size. NHCC needs a SEED team to develop a strategic plan for the expansion of the clinic.


Semester: Spring 2012

touchstonesThe Touchstones Discussion Project has provided educational materials for more than a million students in the United States and hundreds of thousands more through partnerships around the globe. The materials are widely respected and used in K-12 and college classrooms, as well as in Gifted and Talented programs and other special education settings, in senior centers, and in prisons. During the fall semester, a SEED project team worked with Touchstones to identify potential strategic partners, enhance the organization’s marketing plan, and research opportunities for international expansion. Building on this market analysis, Touchstones is seeking a project team to look for new ways to promote its teaching methodology – in addition to its educational materials – to potential end-users of its products. The team’s recommendations should be formulated with the goal of improving the organization’s customer retention rate and building a sustainable, long-term customer / donor pipeline. Other potential areas for exploration include: metrics for measuring organizational impact, data collection, and marketing to donors.

Tyrrell Country Community Development Corporation

Semester: Spring 2012

tyrrellcountycdcThe Tyrrell County Community Development Corporation (TCCDC) is dedicated to educating, encouraging, and empowering local citizens to participate in the economic revitalization of Tyrrell and surrounding counties. TCCDC works with local agencies and private entities to secure resources that enhance the natural and cultural heritage and the quality of life in a rural coastal area of North Carolina. TCCDC needs a SEED team to develop a strategic plan that would identify and recommend sustainable sources of funding for the organization, thereby transforming the social agency into a social enterprise.


Semester: Spring 2011


GapBuster Learning Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and elevating young minorities in grades K to 12 while nurturing their hopes and aspirations for the future. CTW Consultants developed targeted recommendations to help streamline GapBuster program definitions, to provide efficient procedures for enrollment, and to improve data capture collection and management. CTW MBA Consultants: Greg Herbold, Abhishek Ranjan, Bethel Samuel


Semester: Fall 2011


The mission of Palmetto Technology Hub (PATH) is to provide technology support and resources to the South Carolina Low country not-for-profit community. Being and organization primarily run by volunteers, PATH had hit the standard small business tipping point. CTW consultants helped PATH in deciding whether to scale up or to stay in place. CTW Consultants: Holland Avery, Winnie Wang


Semester: Fall 2011


Sunshine Gospel Ministries exists to seek renewal in the city through ministries of discipleship, mercy, and justice. We do this through building relationships, teaching and mentoring, developing life skills, care and advocacy in our community.


Semester: Fall 2011


The mission of TimeBanks is to nurture and expand a movement that promotes equality and builds caring community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent.


Semester: Fall 2011


Class Acts Arts, Inc. is a non-profit arts outreach and presenting organization dedicated to bringing high quality 
and culturally diverse performances, workshops and artist residencies to schools and communities, at-risk youth, 
seniors, wounded warriors and special needs populations. CTW consultants designed better data collection and an improved evaluation process to allow Class Acts Arts to improve their services and provide their donors with accurate information on the status of the organization. CTW Consultants: Ari Hock, Swati Singhania, Fangxin Hu, Santiago Miret


Semester: Fall 2011


FAN4Kids was founded in 2001 to combat today’s childhood obesity epidemic, by providing year-round comprehensive school-based fitness and nutrition education to low-income children and their families in urban New Jersey and New York. Data measuring the impact of this program has been haphazardly selected (Body Mass Index, Nurse’s Visits, How Often Kids Go Home From School, etc.). Fan4Kids needs a team to evaluate their use of metrics and to develop a new plan for quantifying impact in order to present a more compelling story to potential donors.

FAN4Kids mission is to educate kids of all shapes and sizes about healthy eating and active lifestyles and empower them to make healthy decisions about fitness and nutrition. FAN4Kids provides an integrated in-school program that educates kids of all shapes and sizes at an early age and empowers them to make healthy decisions about fitness and nutrition. We help prevent the problems of poor eating and inactivity before they become an issue by providing “lessons that last a lifetime.” FAN4Kids target population is elementary school students in low-income, urban public schools. Last semester, a SEED project team recommended improvements to Fan4Kids’ metrics and evaluation process. This semester the SEED team will continue to evaluate and analyze Fan4Kids’ data collection process and survey design, as well as trouble-shoot data validation. This project provides real-world quantitative practice, frequent and direct exposure to the client, and hands-on experience in problem solving.


Semester: Fall 2011


The main objective for KaleidoLINKS is to provide low-income, at-risk youth the opportunity to gain life experiences while enhancing their quality of life through academic and personal improvement programming. KL wants to develop and grow in scale, and to do so, needs to understand how to package what KaleidoLINKS does for corporations, and how to increase reach of publicity to gain funding. KL has an existing relationship with the GM Foundation, and does not have anyone with media training on staff. KL would like the team to travel to its Washington, D.C. office at least once during the semester.


Semester: Fall 2011


The Touchstones Discussion Project has provided educational materials for more than a million students in the United States and hundreds of thousands more through partnerships around the globe. The materials are widely respected and used in K-12 and college classrooms, as well as in Gifted and Talented programs and other special education settings, in senior centers, and in prisons. To ensure the long-term viability of the organization, Touchstones has begun initial work on a strategic business development plan for specific markets. Touchstones needs a team to look at their accomplishments with fresh eyes and use their business acumen to help us see where and how to grow our business strategically.


Semester: Fall 2010


The Association for Corporate Growth, National Chapter, provides networking and professional development for individuals involved in building corporate value through M&A, strategic partnerships, organic growth and capital funding.  CTW Consultants worked with ACG to research and analyze membership trends in an effort to enhance recruitment and retention efforts. CTW MBA Consultants: Dawn Perlas & Cara Weikel


Semester: Fall 2010


Maryland Hillel, located just moments from the Smith School’s building, strives to enhance the lives of Maryland’s Jewish undergraduate and graduate students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.  CTW Consultants researched and recommended strategies to enhance Hillel’s kosher catering operations, including branding, surveys and web-based marketing. CTW MBA Consultants: Santosh Chavan, Benjamin Pollack & Jonathan Schilit


Semester: Fall 2009


DC Greenworks is the national capital region’s preeminent green roof advocate and educator, as well as a one stop shop for green roof consultation, design, and installation. They serve the Washington, D.C. community by providing training, tools, and techniques that utilize, protect and advance the environment. CTW consultants helped DC Greenworks with the H Street Grows Green initiative to help the H Street NE business community achieve the increased benefits of being both environmentally sustainable and an economically successful main street commercial district. Consultants formed 3 teams to address different aspects of the consulting assignment. CTW Consultants: Eric Chang, Seth Miller, Jason Rusten, Melvin Lye, Jung -Fu Su, Ken Chambers, Anthony Moskunas, Wells Person, Mary Roché, Kevin Ennis, Patrick Halloran, Chisom Iwu, Greg Malone.


Semester: Fall 2009


Hearts and Homes for Youth helps troubled children and youth, who are abused, neglected or runaways, become independent, productive adults. To fulfill this mission they provide a broad spectrum of educational, residential, independent living and mental health programs to a culturally diverse client population. CTW consultants helped them conduct research to identify high opportunity sources of donations consistent with the organization’s needs. They recommended strategies to increase funding to support “gap” needs above government payments and to support the expansion of the program. CTW Consultants: Jonathan Dichter, Jacqueline LaFleur, Hsiao-wen (Lucy) Hung, Abraham Thomas, Matthew McFarland, Suyan Hu, Scott Zakheim, Johnny Hsu, Anne Restrepo, Yinan (Carol) Jiao, Diego Alvarez, Jacob Rasmussen.


Semester: Spring 2008

The Green Guild Biodiesel Cooperative is a member-based, non-profit, social entrepreneurship venture in the business of producing and distributing quality biodiesel fuel to the Washington DC metro area. It aims to build alternatives to economic structures based on scarcity by providing environmentally sustainable and equitable energy that empowers the community to reduce its dependence on foreign oil, mitigate its impact on the climate and environment, and strengthen the local economy. CTW consultants helped Green Guild to develop a business plan to support their expansion efforts. CTW Consultants: Anirudha Roy Chowdhury and Iryna Halubkova


Semester: Fall 2008


Kids for Tomorrow is a NYC-based organization dedicated to improving the education of disadvantaged children throughout the world. The CTW consultants provided a one year action plan that included budgeting, fundraising, benchmarking, board development and volunteer management for Kids for Tomorrow. CTW Consultants: Jeanette Jordan, John Olson and Sirish Rao Vattam


Semester: Fall 2007


High Voltage Youth Camp is a non-profit organization that provides educational as well as recreational programs for economically disadvantaged youth, ages 14-19, to realize their potential, build character, and to function effectively as contributing members of society. High Voltage Youth Camp sought assistance with planning for Youth Violence Prevention Week. The focus was in key areas: activities recommendations and marketing collaterals creation. The main goal was to attract as many at-risk youth as possible to attend the event in hopes of reducing teen violence in New Orleans. Deliverables Included:

1. Activities recommendation, including

  • List of potential activities for each day, including activities description and key message to deliver
  • Drafted invitation letter to potential keynote speakers

2. Marketing collaterals, including

  • Template letters to potential schools
  • Contents for brochures / flyers to promote the program
  • Contents for press release for newspapers
  • Contents for public service announcement (PSA) for TV and radio

CTW Consultants: Joyce Satchavarodom and Chinonyem Obaji


Semester: Fall 2006


Tailored For Success is a nonprofit corporation that focuses on improving the marketability of economically disadvantaged women through job training, English as a Second Language classes and other workforce development programs. CTW consultants helped them to develop a business plan, expand their marketing strategy and explore alliances with local organizations. The organization received a grant as a result of the work by the CTW consultants. CTW consultants: Loretta Goodridge and Sharon Bollers