Impact in Stories

Megan Katz
University of Maryland 2014 (Student Consultant)

I had the privilege of working with IMP (Incentive Mentoring Program) for a consulting project as astudent at the University of Maryland.From the moment my team heard about our responsibilities, we werethrilled to learn that our project would have an impacton not only the organization’s goals, but also the students that theprogram affects. We were inspired by the origin of IMP and encouragedby the excitement and passion behind all of the mentors’ opinions. Ithink IMP’s impact on its students, mentors, and community isextremely courageous, and we were honored to be a part of such animportant thing.

Vladimir Inozemsev
MBA 2012, Smith School of Business, University of Maryland Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance (SEFAA) (Student Consultant)

It was a very interesting and highly gratifying experience. Not only I did I grow professionally, but I also developed personally through learning about the client’s business and meeting great people! I believe the biggest client impact of this consulting project was not even the budget model and other documents that we delivered, but it was giving our client a business like way of thinking about the organization to ensure its sustainable growth and performance.

MBA 2012 Smith School of Business, University of Maryland – AfriCare (Student Consultant)

My client, who was Smith MBA alum as well, was pretty awesome! She helped us a lot during the project and supported us to communicate our message to the other stakeholders of the project. She highly appreciated our final project and secured CEO buy-in for the implementation. It was a great feeling to help a non-profit organization and to learn that my recommendations are going to be implemented globally!

Brian Whittaker
MBA 2011 Smith School of Business, University of Maryland (Student Consultant)

(L to R) Eric Walthall (MBA ’12 UMD), Buddy Seiner (Executive Director, SDHSA), Brian Whittaker (MBA ’11 UMD
pic Consulting for SDHSA (South Dakota Head Start Association) only increased my interest in changing to a consulting career path. It was a positive experience that allowed me to learn about the importance of addressing potential interpersonal issues that might be limit productivity early on in the project. CSVC has provided me with another avenue to give back and make an impact in the community.

Executive Director of Fathers and Families of San Joaquin (FFSJ) (client)

FFSJ, a Stockton, Calif. nonprofit, helps build strong and healthy families by addressing communities’ critical problems of fatherless homes, widespread poverty and inadequate access to public health services. The SVC consultants helped to revamp FFSJ’s stakeholder relations through an updated communications strategy, outreach materials and the planning of a local Father’s Day event. Their help has already had tangible results as was demonstrated at this years FatherFEST event. We exceeded our goals with over 500 fathers, children and families in attendance. We were also successful in creating broad community awareness through articles in the Stockton Record and coverage by ABC’s Sac & Co.

Pam Miller
Executive Director Alaska Community Action on Toxics (client)

Last year we had the opportunity to participate in the Social Venture Consulting Program. Thanks to the support and collaboration between the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business students and our team we have double the clientele and started making our own non toxic cleaning products. We have also created a more effective marketing strategy and our advertisement efforts are more successful.

Deborah Young
Director of Generations Community Development Corporation (client)

The Social Ventures program has helped Generations Community Development Corporation build an infrastructure to track and monitor our clientele and staff electronically. Electronic files help create a green environment that saves time, space and money. Additionally, we are able to evaluate our effectiveness, project outcomes for the future and create needed reports for our fund.